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Hiatus and our definitive answer.

19 May


So. I kind of took a little bit of a (much needed) break from writing there, didn’t I? The school informed me or as the school social worker put it, “warned me” that Lennon was getting the school diagnosis of ASD. Yeah, I know, you don’t have to “warn” me. I just want to hear some good things from the group at the meeting. That’s all. I really want to hear a plan and I want to form a plan and schedule for the summer to continue his learning experience as much as possible. I mean, obviously. He needs the structure and I pretty much hate it haha but Lennon needs it, so structure here we come.

In other news, the old SO and I got married! We are planning a party in the fall but I desperately needed insurance! So, of course, I dragged his booty to the court house whether he liked it or not (sarcasm). I’m a married woman, alright?! I’m the boss. Hahaha ok I’m done…

But seriously, people should be scared of me. I’m getting stronger and I’m not taking anymore bullshit. I am serious. I am sick of the judgements, the stupid suggestions and what ever other ignorant shit you want to throw at me. Do some research and grow your compassion muscle a little bit before you talk to me, or you’ll probably get an earful and you’ll be sorry. End rant. I am happy and strong and about to get a little extra boost from my Effexor.

Watch out.



14 May


How does one answer such a question?