Financial woes.

27 Feb

I’m kind of freaking out. I’ll be done with school this summer and I have quite a bit of student loan debt. I’ll have to start paying it back six months after I’m done, and I am freaking out. Seriously. Here are some reasons for my current state of mind-
– Lennon has not been diagnosed yet and I have no idea how much it’s going to cost.
– My fiancé works and does ok, you could say we are “middle class” but he also has quite a bit of student loans.
– So after Lennon gets diagnosed, I know there will be extra therapies beyond going to school we will be going to. I have no idea how much these will cost or how often we will be going, but what does that mean for me as far as finding employment? I’m assuming we’ll have to go to these during the week, so how do you maintain a good standing at work and go to therapies?
– I have no idea where Lennon will go to daycare because he only goes to school half days, four days a week. There aren’t any daycare centers around here I would even consider, well, there is one but it has a crazy huge wait list I mean, one so long it’s pretty ridiculous. I am afraid of Lennon being away from me for an entire day. How will he handle this? I don’t even want to think about it.
– To explain my situation a little further well, I began my journey with school and loans and whatnot before I got pregnant. I’m 25 now and when I got pregnant with Lennon I was 21 and I had just started in on a new program/degree path at school. If I would have known then what I know now, well, I probably would have dropped out to keep my amount if debt low so I could have stayed home with Lennon and then I wouldn’t have to worry about what I have worry about now. I mean really, stay in school kids! It’s just my situation that’s a little different and sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have ever paid soo much money for school. Oh well. Woulda coulda shoulda.

Can anyone help me out? What is your situation when it comes to balancing work and everything else? Are your children (who have autism) in school and daycare? How are they handling it?

Thanks guys (and gals)! I’m just really freaking out thinking about all this upcoming stuff… I’m not sure what to do.

One Response to “Financial woes.”

  1. eml2187 February 28, 2013 at 2:08 am #

    Anybody? Advice? It would be greatly appreciated! (:

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